Scholars, analysts, and others regularly produce articles that deal with the variety of aspects of deterring and detecting financial fraud.


There are many ways in which robotic process automation (RPA) can mitigate a company’s fraud risk. In this Financial Executives International post, the first in an emerging technology series from the Anti-Fraud Collaboration, learn more about RPA and its potential for fighting financial reporting fraud.

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Gilly Lord, Head of Audit Strategy & Transformation at PwC UK, shares key takeaways on the importance of corporate culture in combating fraud.

The risk of fraud should be considered when designing controls throughout financial and business processes. However, there are several reasons to look beyond the traditional approaches to preventing and detecting fraud, writes John Verver at the FEI Daily blog.

When a company identifies or suspects the existence of fraud, what steps should management and the board of directors take? What are key factors of which to be aware? As a follow-up to a December 2016 Anti-Fraud Collaboration webcast on these questions, CAQ Executive Director Cindy Fornelli has posted a companion commentary at the Global Knowledge Gateway of the International Federation of Accountants.