How to Improve Your Whistleblower Program and Address Impediments to Reporting (1.5 Ethics CPE)

September 26, 2018

All publicly traded companies are required to have a process that employees can use to report occupational misconduct—i.e., the whistleblower program.
In this CPE course, a panel of experts provides insights into how leading organizations have successfully integrated the whistleblower hotline into the corporate culture. They offer actionable recommendations that all companies can use to retool their existing programs. This course also addresses one of the major impediments to effective whistleblower programs: reluctance of employees to come forward because of the real or perceived fear of retaliation. Retaliation can take many forms—verbal abuse, physical threats, demotions—all of which can undermine an otherwise strong ethical culture. (July 2014)


  • Cindy Fornelli, Executive Director, Center for Audit Quality


  • Patricia Harned, Chief Executive Officer, The Ethics Resource Center
  • Janice Innis-Thompson, Senior Managing Director/Chief Compliance and Ethics Officer, TIAA-CREF
  • Kristin Rivera, Partner, Forensic Services, PwC

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