Anti-Fraud in Action: Balancing Big Data and Data Ethics During COVID-19


The CAQ’s Margot Cella, Vice President, Research and Anti-Fraud Initiatives, interviews Azlo’s Senior Director of Compliance and Internal Control, Dana Lawrence, to explore the pervasiveness of big data and its data ethics and governance implications during the COVID-19 crisis.

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[00:34] Key concepts related to data ethics and governance.

[02:25] The primary benefits of Big Data.

[04:03] Defining data ethics and why it is needed.

[05:48] The pervasiveness of data misuse and unintended consequences.

[07:14] Exploring the concepts of AI and machine learning.

[08:36] The new technologies being explored and introduced in attempt to combat COVID-19.

[10:52] Ethical implications of new technologies and data collection.

[11:52] Emerging risks companies should know.

[13:00] Tips on enhancing data ethics and governance programs.

[14:35] Key takeaways for balancing Big Data during COVID-19.

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