Anti-Fraud in Action: A Focus on Ethical Culture and Diversity During Crisis


Margot Cella, Vice President, Research and Anti-Fraud Initiatives at the CAQ sits down with Stephen Rivera, Vice President, Global Technical Accounting Advisory Services & Policy at Johnson & Johnson on this episode of Anti-Fraud in Action, to discuss ethical culture and diversity during a crisis.

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[00:40] Diversity and Inclusion: What is the impact of the Black Lives Matter Movement on your organization’s culture?

[4:20] What can people do to embrace and promote diversity?

[6:18] Why should companies prioritize culture at a time of crisis?

[7:44] How do you exemplify a strong sense of culture at Johnson & Johnson?

[9:17] What are the biggest challenges of maintaining an ethical culture within a remote environment?

[11:34] When communicating with your team, are you stressing the importance of maintaining the culture of Johnson & Johnson?

[13:43] What are you going to do to emerge even stronger out of this crisis?

[15:15] Which element of a corporate culture is most critical during this time?

[17:00] Key takeaways on staying the course with culture during a time of crisis.

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